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To visit the Bennington Bridges, our recommended route: Head down Route 7A, stop at Clear Brook Farms for produce and hit the Chocolate . The Grist Mill Covered Bridge is situated just off State Route 108, connecting Grist Mill Drive with Canyon Road over the Brewster River. Pre-1980 COVERED BRIDGE Montgomery Vermont VT t7573. Replaced a bridge built in 1870 and destroyed by flooding in 2011. It's also known as the Stony Brook bridge, for the waterway it crosses. from an October 2005 posting in the foliage forum by PWT. West Dummerston Covered Bridge, W Dummerston Covered Bridge, Dummerston, VT 05301, USA, Built in 1872, this 280 foot bridge is the, Kidder Covered Bridge, 99 Water St #53, Grafton, VT 05146, USA, Bowers Covered Bridge, 243 Bible Hill Rd, Brownsville, VT 05037, USA. Taftsville Covered Bridge is located a 5-minute drive east of Woodstock in the village of Taftsville, which is essentially an extension of Woodstock. Scott Covered Bridge is located at Route 30, 3049 State Forest Rd in Townshend. Sanderson Bridge - Brandon This bridge was originally built in 1840 but was rebuilt at the turn of the 21st century. A.M. Foster Bridge | Vermont - bridgesonwheels Although if you had visited the state during the late 19th century then youll have seen closer to 600. Silk Road Covered Bridge, Bennington, VT is located at Silk Road over the Walloomsac River. What are the most unique things to do in Vermont? But the good news is that it was carefully repaired and remains fully functional and utterly photogenic. Vermont is well known for its historic covered bridges. It is located at Covered Bridge Road in Stowe. Vermont is brimming with history as its statehood was granted all the way back in 1791. This is another bridge that you are advised not to walk through as there is no pedestrian path. As well as remaining in use for road traffic, the bridge features a separate pedestrian walkway which makes it a safe spot to linger and soak up the views. The original Taftsville Covered Bridge was destroyed by Huricane Irene (2011). Gorham directions to the Columbia Bridge. Also, the wall coverings were welcomed by farmers because the sides helped cattle over the bridge, as the sight of the rushing water made them hesitate. Cambridge Junction Bridge, Cambridge VT, 10. It was also built in 1872, and it is a queen post bridge. Constructed in 1970 and renovated as recently as 2012, Quechee Covered Bridge is one of the youngest covered bridges in New England. The bridge, set to be destroyed when plans for a new reservoir required the. This bridge was dismantled and stored in 2002. The Shelburne Museum Bridge is one of only two two-lane covered bridges in Vermont. Straddling the Ottauquechee River, the bridge is located in the town of Woodstock which is situated on Interstate Route 4. It is included on the list because there are reportedly plans to rebuild it (see. The final bridge is Upper Cox Brook Covered Bridge. West Dummerston Covered Bridge. Listings for all Covered Bridges in Massachusetts Depot Hill. Gold Brook Covered Bridge, Stowe VT (Emily's Bridge) 9. Note how the trusses are somewhat skewed and give the bridge the shape of almost a parallelogram. Feel free to send a message if you have any questions or comments: Hotels A covered bridge is considered authentic not due to its age, but by its construction. It follows the lattice truss as patented by Ithiel Town and was originally a toll bridge. This is perhaps due to the density of rivers running through the state and the harsher winter weather conditions. Vermont Covered Bridge Society, Covered Bridges, Covered Bridge News Replaces a Covered Bridge previously at this location prior to 1938. Pre-1980 COVERED BRIDGE Woodstock Vermont VT H8449 | eBay Covered Bridges of Northfield - National Park Service Cilley Covered Bridge, Tunbridge VT 13. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from Qualifying Purchases. It was built in 1842. Some of the best adventures can be found when you step away from the beaten path, and Vermont has plenty of unique attractions to keep you on your toes. You can park your car and then take your time meandering your way over the river snapping photos and relishing the scenery. The bridge was constructed in 1866, although there were three different versions of the bridge that span the river before this version. OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. Other things to do in Montpelier include the 1.7-mile walk by the Winooski River, Vermont History Museum to learn more about Native Americans, and drinks at Three Penny Taproom. The original West Dummerston Covered Bridge was created in 1872 by Caleb B. Lamson and was replaced in 1998. Dreamstime is the world`s largest stock photography community. Again, this is a rather narrow bridge and so it is best to drive through and park on either end where you can take a stroll. A post shared by Photos By Jess (@lovelifelive143). The Halpin Covered Bridge is also called the High Covered Bridge and for good reason - it's the highest covered bridge above a waterway in the state. Use them in commercial designs under lifetime, perpetual & worldwide rights. A Covered Bridge Tour In Vermont That's Like A Dream - OnlyInYourState Did you find our guide to best covered bridges in Vermont useful? VERMONT'S COVERED BRIDGES As the Cilley Covered Bridge was also constructed by Arthur G. Adams, you will note similarities between this one and the Mill Covered Bridge. Click to enlarge. The Cambridge Junction Bridge is located in the village of Jeffersonville that forms an extension to the town of Cambridge. This bridge was built in 1896 and sits over Sterling Brook. Warren was initially built in 1880 by Walter Bagley and then renovated in 2000 and again in 2013. During the remodel, rails were added to help combat further damage from tires knocking the Burr arches. It is not advisable to walk through the covered bridge due to the narrow interior and the lack of a pedestrian walkway. Travel Insurance Safety Wing. Red Covered Bridge is located at Cole Hill Rd in Morristown, which is a 10 minutes drive from Stowe. Get more stories delivered right to your email. Instagram. At Marlboro Elementary School. It is being used as a storage shed by the Town of Rutland Highway Department. Willard Twin Covered Bridges in Hartland Vermont The fun doesnt have to end in the winter, either. It was built in 1988 by a crew including Frank Foster, whose mill supplied the timber, according to the Vermont. However, thats not the only reason Emilys Bridge Vermont is one of the most searched terms for best covered bridges in Vermont. Nicholas Powers, 1849. No motor traffic. Corbin Covered Bridge is situated west of NH Route 10 on North Newport Road, two miles north of Newport Village over the Croydon Branch of the Sugar River. Covered Bridge Driving Tour - Grafton Inn Vermont Spanning over the Williams River, Woralls Bridge was built around 1868, and is one of two surviving 19th-century covered bridges in the town of Rockingham. Gold Brook Covered Bridge, Stowe VT (Emilys Bridge), 9. Vermont's covered bridges are the settings for ghost stories, weddings, peaceful drives, some of our most beautiful photography and memories that will last a lifetime. $1.99 + $2.50 shipping. You can drive there from Randolph via State Interstate Route 66 in around 15 minutes. callback: cb Constructed in 1872, it is the longest covered bridge in Vermont, measuring a full 280 feet in length. Replaced in 1982 with a bridge of similar design, after a truck broke the old bridge in 1980. Montgomery is known as Vermont's Covered Bridge Capital. Lets start our self-guided Vermont covered bridges tour at the most searched bridge, West Dummerston Covered Bridge, in the south of the Green Mountain State. Officially the Gold Brook Covered Bridge, this one is more commonly known as Emilys Bridge or the Stowe Hollow Bridge. Its located on the imaginatively named Bridge Street just off Interstate Route 5 and soars over the Connecticut River. Grist Mill Covered Bridge, Jeffersonville VT Other Great Covered Bridges in Vermont 11. This is one of the New England covered bridges where little is known about the engineer and the time of construction. And so I begin my exploration of Bennington and the covered bridges of Vermont. In 1967, a king post truss was erected using the remains of the Depot Bridge as instructed by the Orton family. Tuckerbox Just Might Have The Most Epic Dessert Selection In All Of Vermont, The One Small Town In Vermont With More Historic Places Than Any Other, Its Worth It To Drive Across Vermont Just For The Pastries At Sweet Simones, The Dreamy Vermont Town That Grabs Everyones Attention At Christmastime. 17 Amazing Things to Do in Stowe, Vermont, Vermont in the Fall: Travel Tips & Best Places to Visit, 16 Incredible Things to Do in Woodstock VT. The Baltimore Covered Bridge is one of about 100 covered bridges remaining in Vermont. $9.99. Probably the most prominent of all of Vermont's and New Hampshire's covered bridges, the Cornish-Windsor Bridge, built in 1866, is the longest wooden covered bridge in the United States and the longest two-span covered bridge in the world. Other things to do in Bennington include the Robert Frost Stone House Museum at Bennington College and, if visiting during fall, the Molly Stark Byway Route 9 for leaf peeping. This is one of the few covered bridges near Burlington, VT. Other things to do in Burlington include shopping at Church Street Marketplace, drinking craft beer, and visiting Lake Champlain Islands! Vermont Covered Bridge Society, Covered Bridges, Covered Bridge News This well-maintained bridge was built in 1840 by Benjamin Sears, with restoration taking place in the 90s. When you think of classic Vermont covered bridges, this is it. It sits over the Winooski River, close to Bragg Farm, so you can pop in for a creemee after seeing the bridge! A great view of the inside of this 1870 Town lattice bridge in Arlington. There's something magically romantic and undeniably picturesque about a century-old covered bridge. An authentic bridge is constructed using trusses rather than other methods such as stringers (a popular choice for non-authentic covered bridges). 25 Covered Bridges of Vermont - The National Parks Experience Covered Bridge Capitol Of Vermont - Guide To Montgomery Vermont This 306-foot-high stone obelisk celebrates the Battle of Bennington during the American Revolutionary War. Shelburne Museum Covered Bridge is the entrance of Shelburne Museum, located at 5555 Shelburne Rd, Shelburne. As the Lincoln Covered Bridge does not feature a separate walkway for visitors on foot, it is best to drive through it, park up, and then take photos of the exterior. It is the most northerly Connecticut River bridge to connect Vermont and New Hampshire. The Taftsville Bridge, built in 1836 and one of the oldest covered bridges in Vermont, carries River Road over Ottauquechee River. The bridges were designed with sloping roofs as it meant that heavy rain and snowfall would simply slide into the river water beneath the structure without causing too much damage. The view through the Newell Bridge, also known as the Lower Coxbrook Bridge to the Station Bridge just to the east makes a great photo. Like its neighbor, Silk Road, this bridge is perched over the Walloomsac River. It carries the Belknap Brook Road across the White River just off State Route 110. ); The Silk Covered Bridge straddles the Walloomsac River. If youve seen photos of only one covered bridge in Vermont then the chances are they will have been of Woodstock Middle Covered Bridge. The Gold Brook Covered Bridge is the final covered bridge to visit in Stowe, Vermont. A good covered bridge route in northern Vermont is this: Route 109 between routes 108 in Jeffersonville and route 118 in Belvedere has 5 covered bridges on route 109. forms: { Also, known as the Arlington Green Covered Bridge, the West Arlington Bridge is one of Vermont's most photographed and painted bridges! Scott Covered Bridge is a town lattice and king post covered bridge. Vermonts covered bridges play an important role in Vermonts history, and here are some of our favorite covered bridges in Vermont: With over 100 Vermont covered bridges to choose from, we would love to year from YOU! This BEST Covered Bridges . The covered bridges of Vermont are among its most cherished and symbolic historic resources. There is a small hiking trail that you can follow and it is also possible to take a dip in the water if you visit on a hot day. The Cilley Covered Bridge is a 5-minute drive south of Tunbridge. This is another of the Vermont covered bridges that displays a historic sign, but this time it warns those on horseback not to enter at speed. A Typical Vermont Covered Bridge, near Stowe, Vermont - Postcard. A queen post truss called the Depot Bridge was built in 1872 by Harrison Chamberlin, but this version of the bridge only lasted until the 1950s. You can park your car next to the bridge and take a closer look at the structure before driving through and getting on your way. His wealthy parents dashed their hopes to marry as they disapproved of Emily coming from a poor family. This bridge, built about 1870, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Heading further north of Woodstock, Stowe sits at the base of Mount Mansfield and provides access to the neighboring ski slopes. New Hampshire Department of Transportation, List of non-authentic Covered Bridges in Vermont, List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Vermont, Article: "Mt. In a state that has so many of these landmarks, Ive pulled together options where you can choose to visit the bridges in succession or slot them into your wider New England road trip itinerary. Built in 1892 and restored in 1987, this beautiful bridge is the tallest covered bridge in the United States. This one-lane town lattice bridge in Vermont is the only bridge with diamond-shaped side ports. Fall Guide to the Covered Bridges of Vermont - Lang House This bridge is said to be haunted by a girl called Emily who took her life after being jilted by her lover, or some say pushed by a family member. Covered Bridges in the Northern Region of Vermont (VT) It was the first authentic covered bridge built in the state using the truss patented by Ithiel Town in 1820. Quechee Bridge. $2.95. The Arlington Green Covered Bridge is yet another example of a Town lattice truss. This interstate bridge in fact marks the boundary of Vermont with New Hampshire. The river (and waterfall) gushes over the boulders with a force so you can get some wonderful photos at this bridge. Taftsville Covered Bridge is located on Covered Bridge Road in Woodstock, which is just off Quechee Main Street. In addition to taking a road trip to some of the best covered bridges in Vermont, you can lace up your boots and tackle one of the many hiking trails in Vermont, many of them leading to epic waterfalls and swimming holes. Bridges. Vermont's commemorative roadside markers can be found throughout Vermont to provide a fascinating glimpse into the past and insights into the present. Worrall Covered Bridge, Bellows Falls, VT 05101, USA. Required fields are marked *. The best hidden gems and little known destinations - straight to your inbox. There are three covered bridges near Woodstock Middle Covered Bridge, Taftsville Covered Bridge and Lincoln Covered Bridge. Williamsville Covered Bridge (1870) 45-13-05 (Windham County, Vermont) Built 1870; rehabilitated 1950; replaced 2010. The covered bridge is not to be confused with the closeby Quechee Gorge Bridge which is well worth a visit too. EXTRA 20% OFF 3+ ITEMS See all eligible items and terms. 20 Amazing Covered Bridges in Vermont For Your Bucket List! Style: Two-span multiple kingpost truss with an arch. The link to this photo or video may be broken, or the post may have been removed. A post shared by Travel Forever (@travelforevereco). Its also one of the only covered bridges in Vermont with a resident ghost. Completed in 1836, it is one of the oldest covered bridges in New England. After all, you cant exactly drive an 18-wheeler over one of these classic and historic structures. 79 Grist Mill Drive, Jeffersonville, VT 05464. Super convenient, right? Vermont is a tiny state packed with mountains, history, charm, covered bridges, and wonderful fall colors. There is a separate walkway for foot passengers so that you can shoot peacefully making this one of the best covered bridges in Vermont for safety and the overall visitor experience. Follow State Route 15 eastbound and turn off onto Cambridge Junction Road which crosses the Lamoille River. Tours Get Your Guide Two-span multiple kingpost truss with an arch; 189 feet long; spans are 89 and 100 feet. Visit Instagram. 4 covered bridges that epitomize Vermont charm: A visual tour The bridge was constructed in 1879 but the builder remains unknown. It is one of two covered bridges in the state where the king post truss reaches only half the height of the bridge. Originally used for a marble quarry (this could explain the high clearance) it connects Middlebury to New Haven. The third of the Vermont covered bridges on this list to straddle the Ottauquechee River, Lincoln Covered Bridge is situated a 5-minute drive west of Woodstock. My list tells you which bridges to add to your list, how to get there, and what makes each one special. Location: Covered Bridge Rd, Stowe, VT 05672. The covered bridges of the Green Mountains star on postcards, on social media and in stories about our state for a reason they're beautiful, historic and unique. Grist Mill Covered Bridge, Jeffersonville VT, 14. 96. It is located at 2891West River Road and sits over the West River. The horrendous flooding of 1927 destroyed approximately 100 covered bridges. Id love to hear from you! Though you can't . This is one of the most popular Vermont bridges as locals and visitors enjoy the swimming hole and the kayak launching space. Waitsfield Covered Bridge is also known as the Great Eddy Covered Bridge and is located at Bridge St, Waitsfield, over the Mad River. This bridge is mostly in New Hampshire, due to the state line being the western edge of the river. Many of these historic VT bridges are located near lovely villages, so pack your camera and have plenty of charge on your phone. This bridge is one of two remaining rail road covered bridges in the state of Vermont. Covered Bridges of Southern Vermont When you want to experience the unique side of Vermont, pay a visit to one of the unique museums in Vermont that showcase a different side of Vermont history like the perfectly preserved Plymouth Notch or the Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury. 5 Northfield Falls Covered Bridges in Vermont This historic bridge can be found next to the Vermont Country Store, which is owned by the Orton family. During the battle, Brigadier General John Stark and his army defeated two detachments of British General John Burgoyne. Once youve parked your car, you can wander through the bridge on foot and enjoy taking photos without having to think about cropping vehicles out of your pictures later. Visiting the covered bridges is definitely one of the top things to do in Stowe so definitely dont miss them! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Join my email list to receive the latest articles directly in your inbox. When, after the lovers planned to elope and the man did not show up at the meeting spot, Emily took her own life by leaping from the bridge into the brook, leaving her ghost behind to haunt the platform. A collision in the 1990s solved the problem but led to other structural issues and so the bridge went under a major reconstruction in 2003. Its evocative name might suggest that the bridge is made from silk, however, it is actually taken from its location on Silk Road and is constructed from timber and painted a vibrant crimson hue. It is not safe to walk through the Cambridge Junction Bridge on foot due to how narrow the interior is. THE 10 BEST Vermont Bridges (with Photos) - Tripadvisor We know that it was built in 1904 although the bridge builder is unknown. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( A replica was created in 2000, and serves as a wonderful reminder of how covered bridges played an important role in Vermont's history. Santa Cruz County Parks. Its a popular thoroughfare so keep alert while taking your photos. At the entrance to a Nature and Fitness trail, near the Elementary School. At 465 feet, it is the longest two-span covered bridge in the world and the longest wooden bridge in the United States. The Great Eddy Bridge, also known as the Waitsfield covered bridge, is the oldest operating covered bridge in the state. Thank you! Autumn Covered Bridge Vermont Vintage Postcard. One of Vermont's most popular covered bridges, the Arlington Green Covered Bridge is part of a pastoral landscape of an almost forgotten era. A covered bridge is considered authentic not due to its age, but by its construction. Vermont is home to more than 100 covered bridges, boasting more covered bridges per square mile than any other U.S state. Pine Brook Bridge, also in Waitsfield, was built in 1872. Connecting Pittsford and Proctor over Otter Creek, this lattice truss bridge was built in 1841 by Abraham Owen and famous bridgewright, Nicholas Powers.

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